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Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator
Calculate Victorian stamp duty on transfer of property. Includes Land Title transfer fee calculation - As at August 2017.

First Home Buyers - new rates 1/7/2017.
See examples below.

Price ($)

Deposit %

After 1st July 2017

Principal Place of Residence Yes
First Home Buyer Yes

Stamp Duty ($)

Land Title transfer

Transfer fee ($) $0


The Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator was created as a convenient tool for family and friends to calculate the Victorian stamp duty owing on the purchase of the property. The Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator does not take into account any concession that may be available, or take into account your personal situation.

The Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator can run on mobile or desktop devices.

In buying a property many of the fees aren't immediately apparent. The Land Transfer Fee is a significant variable cost and as such has been added to the Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator.

Recent additions to the Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator are the Principal Place of Residence and First Home Buyers options.

For those interest in how much their mortgage repayments would be, you can use the Mortgage Repayment Calculator I've also written.



Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator

The Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator is for calculating the stamp duty amount when purchasing a property such as a home.


Enter the sale price or market value, which ever is greater.


Enter the percentage deposit required to purchase a property.

After 1st July 2017 

As from the 1st of July 2017 stamp duty changes for first home buyers.

Stamp Duty 

The Stamp Duty which would be payable.


A summary has been provided to provide a quick overview for those typically purchasing a property. There's also a link which will pass the loan amount to the Mortgage Repayment Calculator. All that is then required is to enter the interest rate. The calculator does not take into account LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance).

Interesting Victorian Stamp Duty tips

  • There are a number of stamp duty concessions available including first home buyers, principal place of residence (PPR), pensioner/concession holders. You should check with the State Revenue Office to see if you're entitled to a stamp duty concession.

    Principal Place of Residence (PPR) reduces the stamp duty paid for the amount between $130,000 and $440,000 by 1% if the price is $550,000 or less.

    Prior to 1st July 2017 First Home Buyers reduced the stamp duty payable by 50% if the property is $600,000 or less.
  • Stamp duty for foreign purchasers is different and the Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator does not cater for this situation.
  • The date of purchase and/or date of settlement may affect the stamp duty. Again check with the State Revenue Office.
  • For more information on the Principal Place of Residence concession visit this page.
  • For more information on the First-home buyer duty reduction page.
  • If buying a property in addition to stamp duty an addition fee is from Land Use Victoria for the Transfer of Land fee. Current this is calculated at $92.70 for paper transactions, or $84.20 for electronic transactions, plus $2.34 for every thousand dollars of monetary consideration. The Land Transfer Fee above is based on no addition or removal of easement. Note this calculator has been checked to be correct but the government's calculator may differ with rounding. For more information on Transfer of Land fees visit the page.

New First Home Buyer Stamp Duty rates from 1 July 2017

The Victorian Government has announced new stamp duty concession for First Home Buyers. For properties $600,000 and under there will be no stamp duty. For properties between $600,001 and $750,000 there will be a reduced stamp duty that tapers off.

The calculator has now been updated with the new stamp duty rates for First Home Buyers from the 1st of July 2017. The following table is provided as an example of the new rates by the Victorian government.

 Duty after 
 Stamp Duty 
$600,000 $0 $15,535
$605,000 $1,046 $30,324
$625,000 $5,428 $27,142
$650,000 $11,357 $22,713
$675,000 $17,785 $17,785
$700,000 $24,713 $12,357
$725,000 $31,070 $6,428
$745,000 $38,444 $1,326
$750,000 $40,070 $0


The Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator web app comes with no warranty expressed or implied. The Victorian Stamp Duty Calculator web app is only for informational purposes and is not guaranteed to be error free. The information on this page is not intended to be advice.


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